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For more information on our ankle injury treatment program please click here.

July 4, 2008

Sprained Ankle - Class II

I sprained my ankle just 2 days prior to a scheduled trip to San Diego and I was wondering if I would still be able to go, I could hardly walk.

The improvement was quite impressive after just 1 treatment, I went back the day after for a repeat, all I can say is that my experience with the laser treatment was great, not that I wish that on anybody but I have been able to regain so fast my mobility that it almost felt like it didn’t happen, in the middle of the following week I was walking at a good pace. 

Lucy has done a great job; she is very dedicated and knows what needs to be done. Instead of going to the emergency room and wait hours I am glad I have taken the decision to go see her, this treatment really made it possible for me to heal very fast.

I have talked about my experience to my colleagues at work and one of them went yesterday, his words where, “It is miraculous; yesterday I couldn’t hardly move and look at me today!”  He had fallen and thought at one point that he had a broken rib.

All that to say that I am grateful for what was done to help me in the situation I was in, they took good care of me.

When you know that you are in good hands it help in the recovery process, and let’s not forget the friendly atmosphere at LightSpeed Physiotherapy, when you are a little bit anxious it makes it easier to relax.

I had a great experience and for sure if one day I sprain my ankle again (we never know) I know exactly where to go.

Thanks again,


June 26, 2007

Sprained Ankle & Achilles Tendinosis

I first came to your clinic with a sprained ankle. I was expecting six to eight weeks of recovery. Previous ankle sprains have taken that long to recover.  I was surprised and even skeptical when the physiotherapist told me that with a combined laser therapy and exercise therapy program I should recover within two to three weeks. 

Within three treatments my ankle felt better! After 8 treatments over two weeks, my ankle was back to normal.  I could walk and run normally, so I started playing soccer again.

Thanks Lucy for suggesting I get my Achilles Tendinosis treated as well.  I’ve had Tendonosis for several years and it never seemed to get better.  After 8 treatments over 16 days, the lump in my Achilles tendon reduced significantly.  Within another week or two, this old injury should be completely healed.

From the very beginning I was impressed.  I’ve been to other clinics where I just felt like a number.  Your staff is great! Everyone takes a special interest in taking care of me.   I am so impressed with the results, that I sent several close family members to your clinic and they are all recovering well too! 

Thank you.


April 3, 2007

Hockey injury - broken ankle (medial malleolus).  Back on skates after two months of therapy.

Hi LightSpeed Staff!

How is everybody at my favorite physiotherapy clinic doing, hopefully well? I have been thinking of you all and wanting to pop in and say hi, however things have been busy with work, kids and all so I figure the next best thing is a quick note instead.

I am doing great lately, my foot is no longer on my mind at all, and is coming around nicely. I am playing hockey regularly and do not have too much pain in the skate. Swelling is mostly a thing of the past, and only gets piggy like after heavy abuse, which is wonderful.!

Cheers to you and your staff for getting me back up and running…pardon the pun! Other than the obvious fact that I was made better by LightSpeed’s staff, I was also made to feel quite welcome and comfortable during an otherwise uncomfortable situation. I hope to stop in and say hi soon, in the mean time say hi to everyone and I hope you are all well….I am!

Thank you,


August 8, 2006

Ankle Sprain – Class II

Last spring I was walking down the stairs, went over on my ankle and fell down the stairs.

By the time I got my shoe and sock off my ankle was already starting to swell.  I thought I may have broken a bone so I went to Oakville Trafalgar Hospital emergency for an x-ray.  There were no broken bones and the emergency physician suggested that I get laser therapy for my ankle.

I’ve sprained the same ankle several times and it has always been very weak.  I expected four to six weeks for my ankle to recover. 

I went to LightSpeed Physiotherapy for laser therapy.  I had six treatments over eight days.  At the end of eight days, the swelling and bruising was all gone.  I had good range of motion, could stand on my toes and walk normally again. 

The physiotherapist told me I had a proprioception problem and need to retrain my ankle muscles.  The kinesiologist gave me several exercises, which I could do at home, so I wouldn’t keep spraining my ankle.

Your staff is great!  Somehow you made this a great experience.  I never thought I would be therapy and having fun at the same time. I want to thank you all for giving me my summer back!



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