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Arthritis Patients' Testimonials

January 9, 2007

Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease & Neck Pain

I had tried everything to try to relieve some of the unbearable pain that I had been living with in my neck and shoulders, including Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, and an Osteopathologist.  When my pain became intolerable, I resorted to pain pills and anti-inflammatories.  After finding out that I was suffering from arthritis in my neck my doctor suggested Laser Physio Therapy.  I was reluctant but hopeful that I would see some results.  After only a few visits I was amazed that I felt a difference.  Within a month I was pill free and at least 90% pain free, and I am not finished my treatment.  

I have mobility in my neck that I have not experienced in over a year.  I am eternally grateful to LightSpeed Physiotherapy for helping to bring me back to a life of comfort.  I found the staff to be very personable, attentive and caring, which made each visit relaxing.  I canít wait to see what they will be able to do for my foot.

Thank you so much.

Nora Dowhaniuk

October 26, 2007

Arthritic Hands

I had a conversation with our oldest daughter about the pain and swelling in both my Arthritic hands & after some research she determined that I should give LightSpeed Physiotherapy a try.  I arrived not knowing what to expect or if they could even help me.  After three treatments combining laser therapy, exercises and hyperthermy, the pain & swelling in my fingers (and thumbs) decreased noticeably.  My range of movement has improved and I will continue to do the exercises to maintain flexibility in my hands.
Putting into words the relief I felt is extremely challenging.  Equally important is the manner in which I was treated at the clinic.  From the moment I phoned to enquire about treatment to the time I arrived for my first appointment I was made to feel cared about.  As many people have also experienced we are sometimes treated, by the medical community, with "no frills" health care - here I received the best medical care you could possibly wish for and the friendly staff just made it even better!
Lucy, I thank you so much for not only helping me manage my pain but also for your caring professionalism.  I could not have asked for a kinder, warmer person to look after me.  I always enjoyed our chats while receiving your physiotherapy! To receive the very latest in laser therapy made me feel that I was finally able to be proactive in managing my Arthritis.  You are the very best Physiotherapist I've ever had!

Nicole, you too always made me feel well cared for as you patiently set up the computer program to begin each treatment on my hands.  I have a great respect for Kinesiologists and know how hard you've studied to acquire the knowledge to treat your patients. 
Kat, you are new to the clinic and were also very helpful, as a Physiotherapist, to me with the hand manipulations.  Having a ready smile means so much to the patients coming in for treatments....something everyone there does without effort.
Bob, last but not least, your concern about the progress of my treatments was always appreciated.  I also thank you for photocopying helpful information that you passed along.  To me this just confirmed that by going above and beyond for your patients is just another reason to tell everyone I know about the fantastic treatment I received at your clinic! 
It is a comfort to know that when I need additional assistance treating and managing my Arthritic pain I know that I can, again, count on your outstanding care at Lightspeed.  I highly recommend Lightspeed Physiotherapy!!
With warmest thanks to you all,