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Shoulder Injuries

Frozen Shoulder - Calcified Tendonitis

I had an old shoulder injury that had caused minor discomfort over the years.  Then one day, the pain in my shoulder started to get worse. The pain eventually went down the side of my arm.  It was painful to lift my arm overhead, painful while sleeping and eventually I had very little movement in my shoulder.

I went to see my doctor and he sent me for x-rays.  The x-rays showed that I had a large calcification in my shoulder and was told I had calcified tendonitis.  My doctor prescribed some pain killers and scheduled me for an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.  However, I had to wait three weeks before the surgeon could see me.

A friend told me to call LightSpeed Physiotherapy to see if laser therapy could help me. 

I had my first appointment the next day.  Over the three days, I had three treatments and my shoulder felt much better.  My shoulder continued to improve over the next three weeks as I continued my treatments. 

When I finally saw the orthopedic surgeon, he thought my shoulder was doing very well. The surgeon felt that shoulder surgery could be avoided by continuing with my laser physiotherapy program.  However, if I didn't improve over the next three weeks he would see me again and re-assess my shoulder. 

Two weeks after seeing my surgeon, I stopped taking any pain killers and had full range of motion.  I was pain free and my treatments were over.  I was so happy that I didnít have to have surgery.

I want to thank the staff at LightSpeed Physiotherapy.  It is such a friendly and professional place.  You took special care of me and I really appreciated it. 


March 26, 2007

Shoulder Injury

Last summer I injured my shoulder.  Over a few weeks I found that my shoulder continued to get worse, so I saw my doctor. 

My doctor recommended that I go to LightSpeed for physiotherapy.

On my first visit, the physiotherapist found some painful parts that I wasnít aware of.  The physiotherapist recommended a program of laser therapy and some exercises.

The laser therapy was painless and the exercises were simple to do.  I found that I was now working muscles that I hadnít worked before.

From the very first treatment I began to feel better.  After four treatments, I was pain free.

Your staff is great! Everyone is very professional, friendly and work hard to ensure that I was relaxed and comfortable.


July 3, 2007