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New laser/physiotherapy treatment for joint and back pain sufferers

Published Forever Young February 2008

 “My lower back is killing me!” said Craig as he lowered himself gingerly into the chair. “I can’t sit for long and I dread bending over. Even sneezing hurts! I’ve seen chiropractors over the years but that only gives me temporary relief.  Friends told me to come here for laser therapy. Do you really think it will help?”

Lucy Gilson, at LightSpeed Physiotherapy, felt confident Craig could be helped. “Within three weeks Craig was pain free and able to resume normal activities.” says Lucy.

Getting Craig Better & Fast!

“A thorough assessment of Craig revealed several sources of his back pain.” explains Lucy. “Although this was an old injury that occurred 40 years ago, and he has had numerous repeated episodes, I knew we could help him.”

First Craig was treated with a BioFlex laser therapy system, a painless laser therapy system developed for musculoskeletal problems. The laser therapy alleviated the pain in his back and reduced the inflammation. 

In the second week, Craig’s pain had reduced to the point where gentle stretching exercises and massage could be added to the treatment program.  

In the third week, we continued with laser therapy three times a week, increased his stretching exercises and began strengthening exercises.  By the end of the third week, Craig had a simple set of exercises that he could do on his own and was discharged.

Craig had scar tissue where his original injury had occurred.  The laser therapy helped the injured cells produce collagen, resulting in a reduction of scar tissue. Once the scar tissue was reduced, then Craig had increased flexibility, resulting in a further reduction in pain.  The massage therapy assisted in muscle relaxation and increased blood circulation.

Developing a new treatment method

“A few years ago I was dissatisfied with how slowly patients recovered.” said Lucy. “So I began researching alternative therapies. I was looking for a better way to treat patients. I wanted to get people better faster.

At a physiotherapy conference in Chicago, I met Dr. Enwemeka, an expert in laser and physiotherapy. Dr. Enwemeka’s presented some impressive results that could only be achieved with the application of highly controlled dosages of lasers in combination with physiotherapy.”

 At that time, Lucy was the Director of Outpatient Physiotherapy at Credit Valley Hospital. When the BioFlex Laser was introduced to the hospital, the results achieved were impressive.  With a combined laser/physiotherapy program, the patients’ pain diminished quickly and injuries healed rapidly. Since the treatments are painless, more people complete their treatment programs and achieve full recovery.

In late 2006, Lucy opened LightSpeed Physiotherapy, Mississauga’s only dedicated laser physiotherapy clinic. “Laser therapy should not be an adjunct to a program. It takes specialized knowledge and training to get the results we achieve. Laser therapy is at the core of the program,” explains Lucy.

“In the past year, we have treated over 600 people.  The clinic is growing rapidly and we are getting results that I didn’t think were possible. Our treatment program is succeeding where other treatments have failed.” says Lucy. 

“Long rehabilitation programs are expensive and disruptive to your life,” says Lucy. “No one wants to live in pain and everyone wants to get better as quickly as possible.  That’s our goal and we achieve it everyday. ” 

Lucy Gilson is a registered physiotherapist and founder of LightSpeed Physiotherapy.


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Telephone: 905-823-2226                                                                         Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9 am to 6 pm
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Location:  Sheridan Centre, 2225 Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga, ON L5K 1T9
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         We are located in the lower level of the mall, by the library
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