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Car Accidents - Whiplash and Back Injuries

April 25, 2007

Motor Vehicle Accident: Bulging Disc with Nerve Root Compression & Severe Neck Pain

LightSpeed Staff,

I had been suffering from severe neck pain ever since my car accident.  For the past year I have tried chiropractic, acupuncture, and physiotherapy without pain relief.

I found your website while searching for another treatment alternative and decided to try laser/physiotherapy treatment program.

From the beginning, you took the time to properly assess my problem and to explain the treatment program.  The clinic is very professional and there is a positive energy or aura about the place.  I enjoyed my visits, everyone was so helpful.

Within 3 laser therapy treatments I began to feel better.  As I continued my treatments, I continued to heal more rapidly than I thought possible.  I am now pain free and can live my life again.

Thank you.

Nicole Matta